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The future of the security industry

Safer Spaces

Our app utilises geo-location technology to track staff, set patrol perimeters, and notify other security companies nearby of an encroaching threat.

Faster Response

By connecting on-the-ground guards and back-office operations with one simple app, decisions can be made quicker and with greater clarity.

The Security Solution

Falcon DHQ increases the clarity, efficiency and compliance of security and event management. Combining existing methods with data-driven insights, the result is an app-based platform that improves the safety of front-line personnel and the people they protect.

Complete Control

Fully digitised daily operations and mandatory reporting in real-time. Understand situation dynamics and have the answers for clients before they ask them.

Fully Integrated

Falcon DHQ is a complete upgrade of existing operational methods. Incident reporting, invoicing, payroll, compliance, all in one user-focussed app.

Highest Security

Our security resilience is managed by Auth0 who provide our authentication and authorisation services

Guaranteed Stability

Our private cloud is hosted by industry leading service provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS), making your data incredibly safe, secure, and stable

GDPR Compliant

All of our data transfer and storage methods meet the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

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Maxwell Baldry-Steen
Head of Commercial
Benjamin Weld
CEO & Co-Founder
Thomas Williams
CCO & Co-Founder
Benjamin Weld
Benjamin Weld
Benjamin Weld

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